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Teacher Introduction

This unit of lessons was developed as part of the Space Unit for 5th grade curriculum in Texas. It may serve as an introduction to the space unit, or it could be used to end the unit on space.

The Space Research and Multimedia Presentation is intended for 5th grade students.
It centers on the science curriculum and involves: researching, implementing elements
of design, history of space suits, history of an astronaut, medical benefits of space travel,
presentation skills and stage presence, and technology. It could be easily modified for many
grade levels. Since this is a large thematic unit, the lessons could be specialized
and manipulated to fit your individual needs.










This lesson is anchored in fifth grade science and involves math to a lesser extent, history, researching and analytical skills, presentation skills, and technology, The lesson could easily be extended to additional grades and subjects.

The learner will need to know how to put a Power Point presentation together, how to do an advanced search for specified topics of research, how to properly give credit and cite pictures or words that are used in the presentation, and how to analyze various material.














Students will explore and discuss through a Power Point presentation, how space suits of the past and present are different and alike, they will design an improved spacesuit for future space endeavors, discover the medical benefits of space travel, and give tribute to an astronaut.

They will work cooperatively in small groups to improve their communication and creative problem solving skills. Team work is encouraged and they will be graded on how well they cooperate and give input into the group presentation. This lesson encourages higher level thinking by analyzing different space suits of the past and present. Also creating a space suit that would meet future challenges. They will observe the components of travel in the future of space to design a competent space suit for future endeavors. Creative expression is also a big part of this unit.







My space unit will take several class periods and possibly a week or two in order to complete. It will include students working in small groups. Students will learn how
to cooperate with students the teacher places in their group, they will strengthen
note taking strategies, design together as a group and determine what is important
for the success of future space suits, learn proper presentation presence, learn to give properly cite pictures found for their Power Point presentation. Students will research different web sites to look at: space suits, medical benefits of space travel, and research a famous astronaut. Each small group will create and design a space suit that will meet the challenges and demands of future space travel. The small groups will then come together to discuss their
findings. They will have prepared notes and take the information gathered to create a Power Point presentation.







My lessons could be used as an introductory lesson in the fifth grade Space Unit that will span over several weeks. The unit will excite the students about the world of space and encourage their research and presentation skills, as well as, including their creative input. In the lessons, students will compare /contrast space suits of past and present. The students will work in groups to design a space suit that would be effective in space exploration in the future. The groups will find the medical benefits of space travel, and analyze the life of a famous astronaut. The group will meet and discuss their preferences and then work together to create their own, Power Point presentation which will be presented to the class for a major grade.



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