Hello! My name is Jagdeep Verma. I am currently working for the Houston Independent School District in the great city of Houston. I am a 10th grade math teacher and teach Geometry courses at Sam Houston High School. My students and I have a lot of fun in the class with the Geometer’s Sketchpad. We feel that learning mathematics should be a fun experience.

I was born in India, earned a B.S., M.Tech (Geophysics) from University of Roorkee and an M.S. (Geophysical Engineering) from Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado. I worked as a Geophysicist for 12 years for oil service companies. In 1992 I decided to change my profession and became an educator. I enjoy working with students and sharing knowledge with them. I am a strong believer of technology in the classroom, which is a great tool of learning.

In the summer of 1996, I was involved in a program at Rice University called GirlTECH. A few of the things that we have to do as participants in this program is to develop a personal home page, school home page, and lessons and post them on the Internet.

I have developed an exploratory exercise related to the Pythagorean triple.

You may E-mail me at