The WWW Lesson Cycle

This lesson will intrduce your students to the internet and give them some help for doing homework. The primary resources for the lesson is the netboard from, called Math-Pro. This service is manned at various hours during the school year.

The class proceedure would be to have the students in groups of three to four each. Each group could get the problem of the week from the board, or from Math Wizzard.

The Math Wizzard's location is the location for Math Pro is 204.html.

After the students are finished working on the problems each group reports what they feel the answer is. At this time only answers are feed into the system. After all have finished each group debates the right answer.

Incase of a tie the best answer group gets to call the math professor.

This is the best way to let the students explore the internet, because in most cases, schools will have only limited access.