Lesson Plan 3

This lesson plan is inteded to be implemented over a period of at least a week and should be implemented with other classwork. The use of lesson two is also a good idea, but not needed to produce a good lesson.

interview forms, primary stat. text, a good spreadsheet. At least one good internet slip.

The ablitily to from and test hypothises is a skill that is primary to good grades in math-science coureses. This lesson will give the students some exposure to this kind of work.

as they will be the primary reporters.

the students need to start collecting data on how different jobs use computers. As the student progress with the datam they will need to use spreadsheets and refer to elem. stat. text books. The students should poll their own classmates about computer ownership and parent familarity with computer lit. At some point it should become known, not all students are the same, and the should be interested in other schools. This is where you, the teacher, comes in. You should let the students contact other schools where the same lesson is ongoing or where you have contacts.

"does the parent factor determine computer intress." Side issuses include, but are not limited to boys vs girls useage of tech., does money have a role or do the higher paying jobs require computers, can intercity students become computer savy, and do intercity youths need any special help.