A Year Long Project Between Students and Foreign Professionals.

Rational for the Project.

This project grew out of the summer internet project. I was looking for my home page and typed in my name, not my user name, and found I had quite allot of relatives (people with same last name), on a whim I sent him an e-mail message and got one back. It was a very pleasant shock, so I wondered if my students would enjoy seeing their questions answered on line.

Set-up and Running a bb., with No Phone Line.

One result of our summer's work was to have been access to a phone line, unfortunately, the vice-principal who was working with me was transferred, and the state of Texas ruled us a low performing school. What this ment was the principal had no time for anything that did not deal with TAAS or drop-out rates. Next year I will have a phone line (promised). So I still felt I could pull this off. What I did was let the students compose the messages (90% of them were in Spanish) and mailed them to the people that they were paired with. I was very lucky to have lost my homepage as I found Marsha Woodbury who was very helpful in starting the project, and giving me ideas where to find the people to write to. I limited the students to one or two contacts a semester and had no complaints as all read the notes, we had over 300 messages to read.

Results of Project

The results are not very strong. The students were very happy to do this project and want more of it. The fact is that I can not tell if the project accounted for the interest in my class (Geom.) or was the TAAS prep we did as the students had and have a high level of concern with the TAAS test. Hopefully next year I will be on line and can send and receive messages in class. I plan to add an evaluation to my project to see if the students feel that it helps them.

please write to me atjwoodbur@cs.rice.eduRice University if you use this project