This lesson is intended to let student explore the media and the way women are protrayed by the media. The lesson is not net dependant, but is enhanced by usuing the eletronic media. The materials for the lesson are the comics of several papers, both daily and Sunday. The net has many comic resources, these can be found under entertainment in the Yahoo web searcher.

The students will get into small groups of boys and girls, boys, and girls. The different types of groups should not mix ideas, but same type groups should be given discussion rights. Several sets of questions that can be teacher directed or class inspired. The question list must include the following ideas. (1) Are women protrayed in the same manner as men? Does the paper reflect what you see as the American life. (2) Do the representatios of the family life mirror you family life. (3) Does the paper reflect the role of the female in your household. (4) Do we have less expectations for the females in society?.

Students should be encourged to explore these and other questions. They should then be encourged to search how they feel about females in today's society.

Several good follow ups on this can be found on the net. One possible follow up would be to interact with the several women's bb on the net. Women who are in math-science could be invited to speak to the class.

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