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Klein Forest High School

Physics I/I-Honors and AP Physics

Welcome to Mrs. Salter's Physics page for KFHS

Instructor: Mrs. Salter
Room: 323

Classes: Physics I, Physics I-H, AP Physics
Physics: Principles and Problems -- Physics I, Physics I-H
Physics -- AP Physics

  • Physics textbook -- we will use the text very often.
  • Scientific calculator -- (no "qwerty" keyboards!)
  • Physics notebook
  • Writing utensils and paper
  1. Be on time to class! Students not in the classroom when the bell rings will be
    considered tardy. Students more than 15 minutes late will be considered absent.
  2. Sleeping and excessive talking to neighbors will result in low conduct grades.
  3. Respect yourself...Respect your teacher...Respect your classmates.
  4. Absolutely no food or drink
  • Course description
  • Syllabus
  • Homework
  • Course description
  • Syllabus
  • Homework
  • Quizzes for
    Physics I/I-H students.
  • Fun physics links!

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