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AP Physics-B is a second year, algebra based physics course taught at an introductory college level. The course guidelines are specified by the AP College Board. Classtime will be used for lecture and laboratory exercises, and so the students will be expected to complete most of their work outside of the classroom. The goal of the course is to adequately prepare the students to take the AP Physics-B College board exam in May in order to earn college credit in Physics. The course will cover both classical and modern physics topics with an emphasis on kinematics and electromagnetism.
The course syllabus lists a schedule of topics to be covered during the school year. Please visit the Syllabus page for the complete syllabus.
The students will complete various individual and group projects throughout the year. For the details on past and present projects, visit the Projects page.
What chapter are we in? What homework should we do? When is the homework due? For all the pressing chapter assignments and homework problems...including due dates...visit the Homework page.

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