Home, Home in the City
by Karen Shaw
Westside High School
Houston, Texas



1.     Open your spreadsheet program.

2.     Create four tables, one for each of four different geographic regions in the Houston area.

Each table should contain the following information:

Location : ________________________






Special comments and/or information

House #1





House #2





House #3





House #4






3.     SAVE your spreadsheet as "Houses".

4.     PRINT your tables. (Before you PRINT check your page breaks.)

5.     Use the following link to complete your charts.

o        Houston Association of Realtors (http://www.har.com/indexc.htm)


6.     Create a new spreadsheet with the following information:

Price Averages


House #1 Price

House #2 Price

House #3 Price

House #4 Price

Average Price








8.     Write a formula to determine the Average Price and copy it to each cell in that column.

9.     Create a bar chart with Location and Average (make sure Location is the Series in the Legend).

10. SAVE this spreadsheet as "Housavg". PRINT your spreadsheet and bar chart.

11. Answer the following questions using your bar chart, spreadsheet and tables.

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