Wing shape plays a role in helping planes flies and keeping rockets in space. According to Bernoulli's principle, the faster moving air above the wing exerts less pressure than the slower moving air below the wing. Increase pressure below the wing exerts an upward force. This upward force contribute to lift.

When lift is greater than gravitational force acting on the rocket or a plane, the forces are unbalanced and the rocket/plane moves upward. When the two forces are blanced the plane flies at a constant altitude and rockets reaches apogee. The lift of a rocket or a plane is mostely determined by the size of the wing and speed at which air travels around the wing. The speed of a rocket or plane is determined by its thrust. Thrust is the forward force proceduced by the rocket's/plane's engine.

The force that opposes or restricts motion in a fluid is called drag. During flight drag works against the forward motion of the rocket or plane. This is caused by an irregular flow of air around the wings. Irregular or unexpected flow of fluids is known as turbulence. When turbulence causes drag, lift is reduced. Therefore, airplanes are built to reduce drag. Flaps can be used to change the shape or area of a wing. This reduces drag and increases lift.

Review the following: Newton's 2nd law of Motion and be able to calculation information using the formula. Also, be sure to know and be able to apply Newton's 3rd.Law of Motion.


You will be able to assemble and launch a rocket, calculate problems using Newton's 2nd Law of Motion, know and apply Newton's 3rd Law of Motion by observing a plane in flight and launching and recovering your rocket if possible.


Can I successfully assemble, launch and recover a rocket ?


Rocket assemble kit




Electrical source


Cutting knives

Wood glue

Sand paper

Paper towels


Launch lugs


1. Your teacher will instruct you what to do.

2. After your teacher have given you the rocket that you ordered read the directions in the kit.

3. To assemble your rocket follow all directions in your rocket assemble kit.

4. Your teacher will issue to you any additional information or materials needed.