Karen NorthPeriod 1A, 2A, 4AComputer Science I Week 2 - Structures

TLW Write programs using compound data.

TEKS / Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills:

Reading and Writing TAAS: Apply objectives per packet: writing skills, generalizations and graphic organizers.
  • TAAS Activity: Write an essay comparing and contrasting the Design Recipes used for Programs
    with Graphic Organizers used for Writing.

  • Begin Set Two Problems using STRUCTURES:
    1. Write TEMPLATES:
      Exercise 5.4.1
      Develop a template that consumes a check-box structure.
      Exercise 5.4.2
      Develop a template that consumes a very-small-integer.

    2. Write programs using all steps in the COMPOUND DATA DESIGN RECIPE
      (See and Practice Design Recipe Three!!):
      Exercise 5.4.3
      Develop a program that consumes a time structure (Exercise 5.3.1)
      (define-struct time (hours minutes seconds))
      and produces the number of seconds since midnight that the time structure represents.
      Exercise 5.4.4
    3. Develop the program draws-a-disk that consumes a circle structure.
    4. Develop the program draws-a-ring that consumes a circle structure and the width of the ring.
    5. Develop the program in-circle? That consumes a circle structures and a pixel and determines whether or not the point is inside the circle.
  • Presentation and explanation of programs to class teams.
    1. Software: DrScheme Programming Environment
    2. Hardware: Dell 586, 75 mhz computer
    3. Reading from How to Design Programs: Section 5.4