Karen NorthPeriod 1A, 2A, 4AComputer Science I Lesson C3 - Introduction

TEKS / Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills:
  1. TLW review program definitions with ratios and proportions.
  2. TLW write a menu driven program.
Math TAAS:
TAAS Activity: Write a computer program.
  1. Explain terms:
    • Conditional Computing
    • Boolean Values
    • Relational Operator
  2. Play ping-pong which uses conditional computing and compound data.
  3. Write a conditional program which selects various TAAS ratio problems.
  • Observation of student's uses of conditional programs.
  • Printed menu driven conditional program using proportions.
    1. Software: DrScheme Programming Environment
    2. Hardware: Dell 586, 75 MHz computer
    3. Reading from How to Design Programs: Chapter 3 - Conditional Programs and Expressions