Group A's presentation
how to spend $1600.00

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We (Group A) believe that the Web Mastering budget
should be spent on the products listed below.

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These are the reasons why we think you should by these products.

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Cost & Budget Spreadsheet

Item Cost Total Cost $'s left in Budget
Crystal Impact Pro $62.25 $62.25 $1,537.75
Reference Books $46.80 $109.05 $1,490.95
Sony Digital Still Camera MVC-FD71 $629.00 $738.05 $861.95
Adobe Photo Shop 5.0 $257.00 $995.05 $604.95
Hp CD Rewritable 6X/2X/2X $469.86 $1464.91 $135.09

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Thank you for shopping
Have a nice day :-)