Biography of Asif

Asif is 17 years old and has one older sister and one older brother. He was born September 5th 1980. His hobbies are playing basketball and Nintendo 64. He was born in Houston but his origin is from Pakistan. He is a Senior in highschool and is planning to attend college. He enjoys watching the Chicago Bulls play because his favorite player is Micheal Jordan. His favorite food is pizza and he enjoys eating it at CiCi's. He listens to a lot of music performed by Kenny G. because he likes the mellow moods it brings out of people.

Asif's Film Descriptions

  1. Waiting to Exhale
  2. How Stella Got Her Groove Back
  3. Any film with Barbara Striesand

Asif's Schedule
PeriodSubjectTeacherRoom Number
1Art 1GordonC112
2Accounting A/BHeintschelA202
3Web MasteringNorthN122
4English 4CusackS219

Favorite Colors

Credits go out to everybody who helped me including that boy J.D.(Money ain't a thing),
the Italian Stallion(Vincent), Mr. Brain(Scotty), Robert, and last but not least Asif.

Asif doing Dunks