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W. Geo T. Hermes S217


INT. Physics & c M. Booker S240


Web Mastering K. North N122


Eng. II B. Butler N227
age: 16
birthdate: 01/30/82
birth place: India

Interest: I enjoy drawing, swimming, and most of all I love to cook
during my spare time.

  1. web mastering
  2. math
  3. science

His most embarrassing moments:

Well, my most embarrassing moment was in high school. I had the hots for
this babe in my biology class, but to my surprised she never notice me. she was
a bookworm and a straight A student.I was looking forward to disect the infant pig
as a major project. Well, I was more excited because she was going to be my lab partner.
I will never forget thatday when I threw up at the site of the dead pig.
she never wanted to be my lab partner again.

His dream princess:

My dream princess would be a girl with long brown hair and hazel eyes.
I like a girl who treats me as if she was the king of my thrown. I like it when girls take control
of the relationship. This makes the relationship more exciting. I love girls who are intelligent
and speak their mind. I am still single, but maybe you hold the key to my heart.