Web Page with a Border

This is a webpage with a interesting edge.

I built the image for the edges in Paint and in Microsoft Photo Editor. I started in Paint and created a 50 pixel by 100 pixel image and put some colors down. Then I went to Photo Editor and smeared it around. I wanted it to have a seamless edge so I installed it as my background with tiling and then did a screen grab. Then I carefully selected a 50 x 100 piece of that image where a corner of a tile was near the middle of the image. Then I smeared that around -- but I avoided messing up the corners. Last I used auto-Balance to make the colors bright. 

Once I had an image that I liked I started building this web page.   Here is the HTML code for just the page layout.

<body bgcolor="#000000">
<table bgcolor="#008080" border="1" width = "100%" height = "100%">
<td border = "1" width="50" background =back6d.bmp >&nbsp;</td>
<td border = "1" valign="top">
<td border = "1" width = "50" background = back6d.bmp> </td>

Here is what I did with each line of the HTML. 

<body bgcolor="#000000">  This sets the very outside edge to black
<table bgcolor="#008080" border="1" width = "100%" height = "100%">  This says make a table, fill it with an aqua color, put a border around it and make it fill up the screen
<tr> This makes a table row (the only one we've got)
<td border = "1" width="50" background =back6d.bmp ></td>  This adds  the left column, setting it's width to 50 pixels, and fills it with the image we made at the top.
<td border = "1" valign="top">  This adds the middle section where all the typing is (but I left that out so you could see what I was doing.) I left the width off and let it fill up the rest of the table.)
<td border = "1" width = "50" background = back6d.bmp> </td> This adds the right border, sets its width and fills it up with the image.
 This ends the row
</table>  This ends the table
</body>  This ends the body