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I am concerned about my child's grade. Also, detailed information as how / why the average has come down in last 3 weeks will also help me in understanding the problem areas. Please advise as how I can be of any help to improve the situation.
  • Your child was to complete to calculate his average using a sample Excel spreadsheet; ask for this spreadsheet.
  • Some assignments are posted on my web site under the TechSystems pull down menu. Check the current module rotation as there are 5 different teams working in different areas.
  • Check work and calendar on and make sure your email is on the student info. I use this to send information to parents so they can keep up. Your child did not do the QuizLab practice, that is one reason why the grade dropped.
  • Your child is not making use of 100% of class time, which is why the conduct is an "S." Students need to focus and stop playing around. Since students work in teams, talking is allowed, but only on the task to be completed. Perhaps and extra credit web page on self-discipline and work ethics is needed, something we have discussed in relationship to Chapters 1-6 and Chapter 9.
  • Check your child's digital portfolio web site for products of his learning. This requires weekly maintenance, not last minute additions to meet a deadline. Students need depth and detail to make an "A" on this work.
  • Check objectives, notes, and make sure all the chapter work is in the journal. Textbook work includes outlining the chapter, connecting pictures and charts to concepts, understanding terms in relationship to content and doing Test Your Knowledge questions.
  • Could help me walk through the site : For parent log-in - user id? password?
  • Your child has the password and needs to do this. There is no parent log-in set up. Feel free to drop by S114 with your child before or after school if you would like a personal demonstration.
  • I want to be involved and stay on top of things. My child is a good, hard working student yet may need someone looking over his shoulder, like me, from time to time. Next 6 weeks: What is his current grade? Is he behind something? Let me try to get him back on proper track. Extra work? Extra credits? Extra assignments - on his own if he could do?
  • A goal in my class is to teach each student to be responsible, but a parent monitoring the work does help. See the other FAQ answers on what you can do.
  • How do I study for a TEST over the textbook concepts?
  • Outline the chapter by using headlines and charts. See Chapter 4 sample.
  • Practice until you make a 90 or higher on each quizlab TS chapter.
  • Take notes and participate in classroom discussion that apply concepts.
  • Call a friend or discuss the chapter with your parents.
  • What can I do for extra credit?
  • See Mrs. North to participate in the Houston Chronicle Stock Market Game.
  • Create a web site for another class.
  • Create your own project and submit design idea for approval.
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    Can I re-test if I fail a test?
  • Any student who makes a 90 or higher on practice quizzes, may retake a quizlab test (except at the end of a six weeks).
  • The new grade will be the average of the two tests. So, why not practice in the first place, as the test questions come from the practice quizzes?
  • What resources can I use for the TIMELINE?
  • Compton's CD that is part of TC21 directions
  • Timeline books, your TS textbook or posters in the classroom
  • Internet - See Computer History Timelinesample. Use advanced search methods such as using quotes and Boolean operators.

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