Technology Systems Logo created in DrScheme.  PROGRAMMING GRAPHICS
Technology Systems Logo created in DrScheme.

  • Applying Math Principles to Create Graphics using Programming Graphics Link.
  • Take the QuizLab programming module pretest.
  • To understand the importance of learning how to design programs.
  • To better understand the world of programming.
  • To preview graphic programming artwork.

  • Please DO this next step. Watch the video on National AP Conference presentation at Disney World and read the article on supporting programming in your binder.

    DO this step button created in DrScheme. Go to the web address presented to you from above for the module overview on programming graphics and read over the OBJECTIVES, ACTIVITIES, and MATERIALS. NOTE:  You will need to use your HTML code sheet that you used in the web-programming module or review HTML Link.

    Please DO this next step. Click the WHY PROGRAM link and read the entire page.
                PLEASE: Takes notes in your paper journal.

    Please DO this next step. Open up and read the GRADESHEET LIKE TC21 GRADE JOURNAL for this module. Create your own gradesheet in Excel.

    Please DO this last step. Take the Quiz over Activity 1 found in and record the score on your gradesheet. You might want to review your notes and the article on WHY PROGRAM .

    ENHANCEMENT: Review Mohamed's Polar Graph Program and Scheme Traffic WHS Web Design Winner...

    TSHome A2 A3 A4 A5 Notes