Technology Systems Logo created in DrScheme.  PROGRAMMING GRAPHICS
Technology Systems Logo created in DrScheme.

  • Follow the steps below to install the program at your house. Have a parent sign and date your paper journal that DrScheme is installed.
  • NOTE If you already know how to install software, you may complete those steps below at home.  You must download and install this on your home computer.  If you are unsure, then ask your teacher to uninstall DrScheme so you can go through the process here.  DO NOT DOWNLOAD until the old version is removed!
  • To learn how to download and install software
  • To tour the IDE of DrScheme
  • Write Arithmetic Expressions in DrScheme
  • Play a DrScheme Game and complete a Design Chart for this systems simulation
  • Print and turn in an Excel Gradesheet with Activity 1 & 2 grades
  • DO this step button created in DrScheme. Enter Click the HOW TO DESIGN PROGRAM link, then the DrSCHEME link, then the Download DrScheme link.  Select version 103p1.
           NOTE: At WHS, make sure the platform says: Windows 95/98/NT/2000 x86, standard archive

    Please DO this next step. : Click download. Follow the download link. A File Download window will appear. Choose 'Open'.  When the download is complete, a DrScheme installation wizard will open into a black and blue screen. Click next.

    Please DO this next step. Select the destination directory. Make sure the destination is as follows: 
    C:\Program Files\PLT.  The computer will then install the program. 
           Note:  Answer yes to all dialog boxes.

    Please DO this next step. Add a shortcut on the desktop to DrScheme.  If you do not know how, ask.

    Please DO this last step. Click on the Icon on the desktop to enter The World of DrScheme.  Take the tour.  When you are done you are ready to begin programming.

    Please DO this last step. The (open close) dance <ask teacher>

    Please DO this last step. ARITHMETIC ACTIVITIES - See the Arithmetic Expression handout in your binder.

    • In the interaction window (bottom window) see if you can write a command to ADD 3 and 4.    <Hit Return>
    • Remember the rule from the "dance" is (operation data data ). 
    • The basic math operations are: 
      • + to ADD
      • - to SUBTRACT
      • * to MULTIPLY
      • / to DIVIDE
      • =, >, < are the relational operators to compare numbers.
    • Using the handout for ideas, try some more arithmetic expressions
    • To learn more go to: MATH Link.
    NOTE:  The interaction window can be use as a calculator when you need arithmetic to design and plan your graphics using patterns.

    ENHANCEMENT 1:  Write functions for F(X) = X + 5, as well as others (ask for help).

    ENHANCEMENT 2:  Play Ping-Pong.

    1. Go to Language / Add TeachPack/ Open Htdp folder, select
    2. In the definition window (top) type (go 'Programmer) and click the execute button.
    3. You will see a canvas pop up.  Follow directions to play Ping-Pong.
    4. To make the game more interesting you can change the speed and the vector of the ball.  Change the parameter that is a number to see what happens.  Use the following code.  The function calls to change-speed and change-wind must be written before the command go. Type the following in the top definition window, they click Execute.
      (change-speed 400)
      (change-wind 400)
      (go 'programmer)

    TSHome A1 A3 A4 A5 Notes