Lesson 1 - First Web Page

All of the text and graphics that your visitor sees comes between the body tags.


Interview your neighbor, and write a short biography using these TAGS: html, head, title, body, p, br, center, b
Add any other html code that you know, or find by looking at sample web pages. You will introduce your partner and web page on Friday.

Open a wordpad document to type your code. Save on your disk as text only with .html as the extension.
Open this file in a brouser. Reload/refresh after each update to check work. Proof carefully for misspelled words and grammar errors.

Transparencies - Cherne Quote, supplies, rules
Handouts - grade policy, calendar, info sheet, parent letter, Internet use / media release forms, Sample HTML code set
Timeline - day 1 introduction, day 2 biography work, day 3 presentations

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