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Classmate Biographies

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Student Evaluations

  1. What did you
    Like the Most?

  2. Suggestion(s)
  • Put a frame around the picture and center. I really like the pictures and scrolling title.
  • It is hard to make out the writing because it blends with the background.
  • Make the text bigger. Add more detail. Correct spelling errors.
  • Needs to be more organized. Make a smaller list. Web page is too dark.
  • I like the marquee and table. Proofread better!! Reduce unneccessary graphics.
  • The links are confusing because they are anywhere.
  • This looks like a professional web page. Very decorative and funny.
  • Don't know why the picures are there. Useage of different color is great.
  • Align pictures to the left and info beside it.
  • Nice useage of graphics, especially animated graphics.
  • Kind of congested, too many things. I like the dancing animation, very creative.
  • I would rather see it in paragraph form then in question/answers.
  • Border ugly, use the border=0 attribute in the image tag.
  • Figure out the room numbers, don't leave ???
  • Nice, simple and short.

Budget Proposals


Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D
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with Explorer

Group E

Individual Contribution

  1. What percent was your work?
  2. List what you did.
  3. Estimate percent of work by teammates.
  4. Explain why you gave that percentage.
  5. Add any other comments to help in accessment,
    such as work
    outside class and observations
  • We knew what to buy and not everyone needed to look up more because I was sure of what we had decided upon was the best deal.
  • I gave ideas and inspiration during our venture.
  • Most of my ideas were in the trashcan because they thought they were not good. My ideas were killed. I tried to be sensible and sensitive and friendly, but they have their own ideas.
  • Everybody worked equally. They all did 25% of the work.
  • I don't think we spaced this out too well. Hopefully we do better next time.
  • I did slack off a bit due to fact I didn't know we were supposed to do more research. My excuse is ignorance. I am sorry for my behavior and I will listen to you much better in the future.
  • All worked and discussed.
  • I did not spend all of my time on the project. I went to ... page quite a few times.
  • We could not have completed this without each other's help.
  • I said we should add some more software to the list with the extra money, no one listened to me.
  • Most of the time by one of our team members was in chatrooms or on WebPages that had nothing to do with the project.
  • I let others do what they wanted and encouraged others by saying they did a good job.
  • The project was kind of hard only because I did not know much about computers, but it was cool checking up new types of equipment.

Team Project Assessment - Average of Presentation and Individual Contribution Report

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