Karen NorthPeriod 1B, 3B, 4BWeb Mastering Unit 5 - Home Page Links
TEKS / Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills:
  1. TLW edit their autobiography.
  2. TLW use HTML Code to create a list of favorite sites, design tips and their schedule.
  3. TLW create a table of contents with links and a family photo colleague.
English/Reading TAAS: W2 and W4: Organize and Generate Written Composition
TAAS Activity: ATMS Student Packet and/or write their autobiography.
  1. Edit autobiography for content using the TAAS rubric.
  2. Create an ordered list of favorite sites for design.
  3. Create an unordered list of favorite sites for content.
  4. Use all HTML code learned and team communication skills to create a summary of the Design Tips handout.
  5. Make a table of their schedule with links to other subjects and teachers.
  6. Make a table of contents web page with a photo colleague.
  • Presentation of completed web pages.