SELECTED QUOTES: (These are edited for some grammar.)

Web Mastering should be a required class in school because it is all the basic elements of the Internet. If every student took a class in Web Mastering, I think that the entire schoolís computer interest would increase drastically because making web pages are so simple and fun. C.H.

During these 9 weeks that we have been in this Web Mastering class, I have learned that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make a good web page. I believe that the meaning of web mastering is to make a web site that you will really enjoy and that other people might like too. M.L.

When I first stepped into this class, I though to myself, another ordinary computer class where we just type and type and type. But later on, I learned how to be independent on myself, such as:

  • Figure out obstacles without help.
  • Think deeply through your problem before doing any decision.
  • Realize life is not fair and face it.
  • Instead of asking, try to understand it.
  • C.C.

    I think that web mastering is when a person has enough knowledge about the web to successfully do whatever it is that they want to do on the web. C.S.

    When I first started web mastering I knew nothing about computers. We have two computers in my house. Iíve had this computer for two years in my room and did not even lay a finger on it. Once I started this class Iíve learned so much I could not wait to go home to play with my computer. If more people took this class in school they would be ready for the new world of computers. I was so tempted to drop this class. I had to tell myself this would really help me in the long run. Even if I am not the best in class, if I just keep trying Iíll get it. I now realize how important this knowledge will be. J.W.

    The purpose of web mastering is to learn how to work with others, and how to be graded by others. This is a model of the work place, so really this class is a fore shadow of what is to come. Though we may work in a hospital, school, or office, everyone must work with other people. That is unless you work at a zoo or become a Ted Kazinsky. A.V.

    Web Mastering to me is a class where we learn new things every day to help us improve our skills in making web pages. Even the best need tips, and since at this stage we have learned the basics so far, we can only get better with the new tips we learn day by day. In high school we take classes that will prepare us for life late on, algebra, chemistry, and history. But, web mastering can also fit in the list with these classes. This will be a part of most of our lives, and maybe even a career as we enter this age in technology. S.K.

    When I signed up for this class, I said to myself that this class is going to be a breeze, and that it is a blow off class. But like always it was the other way around. Mrs. North has us at work all the time with different projects and they are not always easy. You have to be ready to work at least 200% in this class. Web mastering means a lot to me because I plan on going into a computer field. And, the more stuff I do, the more I will be prepared for a successful computer career.

    What makes you a good web master:

  • Be very creative with work
  • Working diligently
  • Strive for the best
  • Never be CHEESY
  • Always listen to Mrs. North
  • V.P.

    Having attended this class for the past couple of months, I have learned that HTML is an extremely powerful language. No other language is so easily compiled and so widely accepted in millions of computers worldwide. It is used from the eager beginner to the most advanced computer users and you are able to manipulate every single part of the web page building process imaginable. This is an extremely important class that should be taken by as many technology oriented students as possible. This is the future! I predict that within the next decade every leading company will be requiring their employees to learn the language so that they may communicate with their colleagues through the company internet in a much faster and more efficient manner. It is important to harness this knowledge at a young age so that we may grow more proficient and creative in HTML which in turn will give us a leading edge in tomorrowís job market. E.B.

    I believe this class is a fun and important class to take. Not only do you learn how to create and edit web pages, you can also benefit from it later on in life. What we are doing now is actually becoming a demanding and successful career. Aside from that, you also improve your typing skills and become computer and Internet educated. S.G.

    In this class there are different tests you take to help you become better. Each test requires you to do something you have been doing in the class. The first test required you to tell about the first six days in this class. The second test required you to make a list of ordered and unordered things you like and do not like. The next test used images and tables. The last test basically just wanted you to make a web page of everything you have learned to that point. J.E.

    I think that we should all have to take web mastering in high school because computers are running everything these days. You canít go anywhere or watch anything without seeing! We need this class to learn to communicate with the rest of the world by creating a web page. C.U.