UNIT 2 - Exploring the Internet / Hyperlinks

Students will investigate and search the Internet as they study the background, organization and capabilities of the Internet.

  • Hyperlinks
  • Activities:

    1. Bookmark list of sites which explain the above concepts
    2. Accelerated learning music (ALM) lesson– links for the mind
    3. Add links to partner’s biography
    4. Web page describing your favorite sites with links.
    5. Films on Internet
    6. Scavenger hunt
    7. Get an e-mail account and mail address to Mrs. North at knorth@cs.rice.edu


    1. Journal with daily log including number of sites bookmarked and why sites were interesting or useful. Also include a description of new learning.
    2. Participation in ALM Lesson
    3. Softcopy individual presentation of Web Essay and List
    4. Printed web pages with all corrections
    5. Test on films