UNIT 3 Ė Site Evaluation / Image links

Students will evaluate Internet sites using checklists and rubrics that address web page content and design. This knowledge base is critical to the successful design of student projects.

  • Image Tags
  • Activities:

    1. Edit partnerís digital photograph with Microsoft Image Composer
    2. Add image links to partnerís biography
    3. Use rubric to critique sites of varying quality.
    4. Critique list of your favorite web sites and add rubric evaluation and rank according to scale from 1..10 to your web page.
    5. Present evaluations and web page of favorite sites. Teams will discuss and extend these evaluations and create a rubric for evaluation of future student projects.


    1. Softcopy individual evaluation of partnerís biography images.
    2. Group presentation of web page with rubric evaluations.
    3. Team printed evaluation rubric.
    4. Web Test on creating a web page with hyperlinks and an image.