UNIT 4 Ė Lists and Tables

Student will review previous HTML code and use lists and tables in their web pages from Units 1, 2 and 3. Students will share coding and debugging techniques for efficiency.

More attributes can be found at: FOR TABLES
Attributes for Unordered Lists


  1. Add an ordering list <ol>, which has numbers to your partnerís biography listing their 5 favorite motivational sites.
  2. Add a table to your partnerís biography listing their schedule including period, subject, teacher, and room number.
  3. Add a table inside a table around your partnerís photography to make a frame.
  4. Add an unordered list to your web page listing your favorite web sites.
  5. Add a table with the meaningful images and cartons arranged aesthetically.
  6. Review complete biography site for content and design with other team members.
  7. ALM lesson on lists and tables.


  1. Present your final partnerís biography after pre-grading with your grading rubric.
  2. Each student will grade each presentation using evaluation rubric. The grade sheet will be submitted for a grade. It may be typed in a spreadsheet for readability.
  3. Web Test on Basic HTML and Internet searching.