Lesson Plan For Teachers
This project is an ongoing project to be used as a communication tool. Creating a web page is one thing, maintaining it is the hard part. It is be used for fun as well as a portfolio of your work for college, scholarships or employment. You have two weeks to work on Unit 5 and Unit 6 to get your personal page started. But, you should add all future work to this page and consider it a fun lifelong project about you.

UNIT 5 Practice Basic HTML

Using design principles from previous units, students will create a personal homepage. The page will showcase their family, friends, pets and interests both inside and outside of school. It should use all the tags and techniques in the previous units. Send web page to a server site.

New Tags: <pre> ______ _______ _______ (you add)

  1. Films reviewing HTML code.
  2. Planning and writing personal homepage.
  3. Send web page to a server.
  4. ALM lesson on creativity.
  1. Journal containing all previous daily logs on learning and notes from films on new code
  2. Test on films


UNIT 6 Practice Presentations and Evaluations

Students will evaluate team members web pages and complete evaluation rubrics.

  1. Correct and improve personal web page.
  2. Add a white page resume use word wizard for ideas.
  3. Add new attributes learned from other students. Find one trick to teach another student.
  4. Keep a log of what you teach and to whom in your journal.
  5. Finish HTML Films.
  1. Presentation of personal homepage
  2. Evaluation of personal homepages
  3. Test on films