When I first started to learn math I thought that it was the most fun thing to do. It seemed so simple. And when my teacher said that I got a question right I would jump for joy. It gave me that feeling of success and that I was doing everything right. Back then it was like winning the lottery. When someone asked me what my favorite class was I didn't even think about it, I knew the answer was math. And it's a good thing that I liked doing it because its become a major part of my life. Not many people notice that math is used every day for nearly everything. I use math like I use my brain. Every day, hour, minute, and second. When I buy lunch I have to count my money. When I read a book I count how many pages I've read for a reference to what I need to read the next day. It's easy to be good at math when you practically live it.

When I got my test back I noticed that I didn't do as well as I hoped I had done. I think that one of the main contributing reasons that I got a low grade on my first Algebra I test was because at my old school we went much to fast. Our teacher was a great teacher but we spent only a little time on every lesson. We were expected to know a lot of things that we hadn't been taught yet or that we knew very little of. When we stopped going so fast I started to learn more and got better grades because of it. I think that overall I did good on the test but there are some things that I don't understand and that I need to work on in order to master them. When I started to take my time and comprehend everything I really stepped up in my grades and started doing better.