I have been around technology all my life. When I was five my dad built his first computer. It only had about two gigabytes of space for it and could only run simple games. I remember playing the first and second doom games as I grew up. When I was ten I got my own custom built computer and it had windows 98. It was a good computer for what I was doing. I would play one game and that was Counter-Strike. I still play that game but my computer has come a lot farther since then. I have a custom case with a window in it. I have a black light that makes my hard drive and CD-ROM drive cables glow. I also have a Power supply with lights in it and a back fan with red, green, and blue L.E.D. lights. I have an AMD ATHLON 3600 for a processor with a Radeon 9600 XT for a video card. I have 512 DDR memory.

My computer has everything I need. I have all the latest web design software and all the latest graphic software. That includes Macromedia MX (Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, Freehand, and Extension manager) along with Adobe PhotoShop 7.0, CuteFTP Pro, and all the computer games that anyone would ever want to play. I would say that I know a lot about computers and web designing. I have made many websites including www.HighTimesClan.com, www.CardFriends.com, and www.WarrantyPaintball.com (my paintball teams website). I don't think that making websites is hard it's just that it takes a long time to get the desired result and feel like your finished so far. I love replacing old boring graphics on website templates into new ones. I make them all using Adobe PhotoShop 7. One of my recent graphics is www.WarrantyPaintball.com/sigs/funkthepunk.jpg. I use certain filters and blending options to make these signatures on the bottom of a forum. I think it's really fun and that's the first think I do when I get home.

Math and technology are really important in my life and there is still history to be written.