Name: __________________________________ FUNCTION APPLICATIONS


LINEAR FUNCTIONS Template: y = mx + b

Most Frequent Applications:

1)      Perimeter of a rectangle

2)      Perimeter of a equilateral, isosceles, scalene or right triangle

3)      Degrees in a triangle

4)      Rate of change, i.e. miles per hour

5)      Cost with a fee

6)      Cutting a board split using arithmetic expressions (less than, more than)

7)      Slope

8)      X-intercept and Y-intercept

9)      Domain and Range

10)  Inequalities



QUADRATIC FUNCTIONS Template: y = ax^2 + bx + c

Most Frequent Applications:

1)      Area of a rectangle or right triangle

2)      Time and Height of a ball thrown in the air

3)      Parabola description

4)      Domain and Range




1)      Table of values Process Chart

2)      Plot points on graph paper

3)      Graph on the calculator use second/table to see the values

4)      EOC Formula sheet

5)      Ability to evaluate expression using:

a.       Distributive property

b.      Combining like terms

c.       Operations with integers and fractions

6)      Ability to solve equations using:

a.       Distributive property

b.      Additive inverse

c.       Multiplicative inverse

7)      Ability to solve systems of equations

8)      Ability to put linear equations in slope-intercept form

9)      Ability to get quadratic equations = 0 or = y

10)  Ability to set up and solve proportion problems

11)  Ability to set up a number line for inequalities