by James WHS 2005

Algebra Problems and Puzzles

Practical Algebra Lessons

Gateway - Algebra 1

I went to because I felt that it had the most to offer and because it was the most cleverly presented website out of the three I had chosen. The link to this website is the Gateway - Algebra 1 one which is under the other two links.

I did not learn very much out of this site that I did not already know, but if I had needed to learn something from this site I would have been able to very easily. The site is set up with an enormous amount of links, over 50 to either other sites with helpful things or programs created by them. With the amount of stuff on here it would take a long time to go through the entire thing so I just skimmed through the most interesting things I saw.

One link that I went to was a site that had instructions on making a haunted house. This may seem like it has nothing to do with algebra or problem solving, but it is actually very related. The haunted house is made using graphing coordinates and slopes. The lines are not just randomly drawn on, but planned with slopes and graphing points.

Another interesting link was the exponents practice link. That link helped me hone my exponential problem solving skills by giving me hard problems that involved actual thinking. Although this website did not necessarily teach me anything new it did help me in many other ways. The most important is that it allowed me to practice and make my algebra and problem solving skill even better.

Another helpful program was the line jumper program which helped me with my integers and my basic addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. In the site there are certain levels that determine how hard of problems the links use which is very helpful in the learning process. Instead of just doing the hard ones and easy ones at the same time you can space it out and gradually increase the difficulty of the problems.

This website was very helpful and although I probably wouldn't use it to learn it uses interesting methods to teach Algebra 1 concepts.