Houston ISD Instructional Technology January 20, 2007 SIG

K-12 Technology Applications and K-12 Computer Science

Moderator: Karen North, Westside High School



  • Increase computer science education. In the Model Curriculum for K-12 Computer Science: Final Report of the ACM K-12 Task Force Curriculum Committee there is the following quote:

"Pedagogically, computer programming has the same relation to studying computer science as playing an instrument does to studying music or painting does to studying art. In each case, even a small amount of hand-on experience adds immensely to life-long appreciation and understanding, even if the student does not continue programming, playing, or painting as an adult."


  • Revamp the district CET / CCIT support meetings and develop an HISD TA/CS SIG group.Plan a Networking Social at the TCEA conference.


  • Develop a contact list for instructional technology. Develop an asset map of list of who has the expertise in the various technology application areas.


  • Develop an action plan to collaborate with the CTE department.


  • Attend Instructional Council Meetings after Principalís Meeting.The next meeting is February 26th; you can register on e-Train.Usually only Ada Rivera & Elizabeth Perrin are there to support instructional technology.These meetings parallel what is done for the principals.


  • Revamp software library, such as providing free typing tutorial program.


  • EasyTech software passwords go through Elizabeth Perrin.Teachers need help in implementing this district software.


  • Students need to practice taking online tests.State testing is moving in that direction.It was suggested in future that fluency needs to be checked with timed tests.


  • Use obsolete computers for students who do not own them.




1.      CSTA - ACM K-12 Computer Science Model Curriculum



2.      ISTE - National Technology Education Standards



3.      SBOE CS as a math credit initiative



4.      State Board of Education



5.      TCEA TA/CS-SIG



6.      Technology Applications Teacher Network



7.      TEA - TEKS



8.      National Library of Virtual Manipulatives



9.      World Future Society



10.  James Martin Institute for Science and Technology Issues