(See Lesson Plans for Due Dates)
-Subtract 10 points for a zero.
      -Subtract 5 points for a check-minus
     +Add 5 points for a check-plus (But, highest grade recorded is 105)
1 Thank You Note to Mrs. Ryan  
2 Peer Evaluation source code for autobio.htm, katrina.htm and rita.htm  
3 Peer Evaluation Word Content for Hurricane Rita: rita.doc  
4 Multimedia Basic ORR Lesson One: WS 29-30  
  Total Daily Work Points 3w1  
1 QuizLab WS Lesson 1 - ORR check  
2 QuizLab WS L1 Practice TEST  
3 Multimedia Basic ORR Lesson Two: WS 56-58  
4 QuizLab WS Lesson 2 - ORR check  
5 QuizLab WS L2 Practice TEST  
6 Multimedia Basic ORR Lesson Three: WS 84-86  
7 Self and Peer Evaluations completed and turned in  
8 Multimedia Basics Textbook check  
9 Communication - email in QuizLab works to yourself  
10 Communication - email in QuizLab work to a parent or guardian helper  
  Total Daily Work Points 3w2  
MAJOR GRADES (Tentative Plans)
1 Daily Work 3 week 1  
2 Content for Hurricane Rita: rita.doc  
3 Web Page and Source Code for Rita:  rita.htm  
4 TEST Basic HTML:  goals.htm  
5 Index page with site title, quote and navigation bar links: index.htm  
6 science.htm, technology.htm, humanities.htm with introductory paragragh  
7 Introductory paragraphs for science, technology, humanties: ths.doc  
8 TEST QuizLab WS Lesson 1  
9 Site Presentation and Evaluations - all web pages corrected and linked  
10 links.htm - Lists of favorite education and game sites linked on tech page.  
11 attributes.htm - Lists of attributes organized by type linked on humanities page.  
12 TEST QuizLab WS Lesson 2  
13 Daily Work 3 week 2  
EC14 Web Page on anything you would like  
EC15 Journal graded by parent  
  Grade = Average of the 16 (18) Major Grades  
  * If you have any questions on your grades, please attach the data (the actual graded paper).
 ** I do not discuss grades during class, problems must first be submitted in writing.
*** Thank you for organizing and analyzing your grade data and proofing using Excel!