=    30 frames per second in video

=    You are creating 7 frames to make an animation gif

=    You may add more frames to make arrows or words flash



1.      Create a image using the FACTOR for your period:

a.       What is the FACTOR? - “Factors of Time  - know your algebra!

b.       P1 Factor 100; P2 Factor 120, P3 Factor 140, P4 Factor 150, P6 Factor 160; P7 Factor 170

2.      Go to image/attributes and change page size to have a ration of 4:3

a.       Monitors have ratio 4x3 so graphics look better on web pages with this size.

b.      Photographs with digital cameras are also this size

3.      Save As background.gif

4.      Fill this blank paper with your the light color on your web page.

a.       Colors/edit colors to find right color – lighten contrast. 



1.      frame1.gif:   Input Box 1 for USM  

a.       Change line thickness to largest.  Line tool / click size under tools. 

b.      Save frame1 file.  Select file type as .gif.

2.      frame2.gif:  Process Box 2 for USM

a.       Using SaveAs dialog box, change frame1 file name to frame2. 

b.      Add process box – copy and paste the input box. to get the same size.

3.      frame3.gif:  Add output box using copy and paste method

4.      frame4.gif: Add feedback box

5.      frame5.gif: Add External influences control box.

a.       NOTE: 

b.      The poster uses “resources” in this box.  This is from the AES modules. 

c.       The textbook includes the resources as part of Input.  So, do not copy the poster.

6.      Frame6.gif:  Final USM – Add text to all boxes for EC IOPF



1.      Add text to each of the 6 boxes.

2.      Use Sans Serif font such as Arial.

3.      Font Size of at least size 12.  Use the largest size possible to fit in the box.

4.      Open each file, frame1 through frame 6 to add the text.  Save each as completed.



1.      Draw one arrow in bottom of frame

2.      Copy and Paste to position

3.      Use image/rotate to change angle of arrow



1.      Open MS gif animator link.

2.      Scroll down and open the exe file. Do not save. Click Open.

3.      Click on the folder icon and open the first frame.

4.      Click on +paper icon and add the next frame.

a.       NOTE: 

b.      If “corrupt file” check to see if each frame was saved as a .gif. 

c.       If saved as a bitmap, it will not work. 

d.      The computer must add the file type in the second dialog box pull-down menu SAVE AS TYPE: 

5.      Continue adding until all frames are added.

a.       NOTE:

b.      Backwards order.

c.       Add in reverse order or use arrows to correct.

6.      Click the Save As icon with multiple floppies. Save with the descriptive file name.

7.      Click the Preview arrow .

8.      If the animation goes too Fast:

a.       Change the duration to adjust the speed for readability and design.

b.      Click on the Image Tab to change the duration.

c.       Remember this is 1/100 second, so 1 second = 100 in the box.

d.      Repeat for each frame. 

9.      Link on your webpage with image link: <img src=”name.gif” alt=”…” >



Please take the TIME to create an excellent graphic!