1. Play Wiggles Song Sailing Around the World
    1. Show pictures from Wiggles Concert, Houston August 3, 2006: 
    2. No time to edit, will let you all do this in the Photoshop Elements Lessons.


We were sitting behind a 6’5” father who had his child stand on his lap. He had no empathy for others around him. I don’t even think he knew he was blocking our view. He did not think.



My 2-year old grandson is totally engaged with this band.  I find this amazing that this age can be so motivated into paying attention.  He was quiet and listened for 2 hours.



And he participated in activities.  If you knew ahead of time, you brought flowers to give to Dorothy the Dinosaur.  This is Jeff accepting the flowers.  He thanked Gage and shook his hand.  Could not get that shot because of others who go in the way.



My daughter’s shows her happiness at such a nice experience.  She could not believe how nice and professional this band was in their treatment of young children.  She said that is probably why they are the highest grossing band in Australia.  She is a buyer for Macy’s and got where she was because of knowing how to present herself. 




  1. Play Dragnet Theme song
    1. Scene 1:

§         As I was riding down the street on my bicycle I observed the following scene:

§         Get a student to be the parent.

§         Teenager:  “How are you Mr. West?” shaking hands

§         Parent:  Whatever

§         Teenager:  “Could you give me a ride?”

§         Parent:  Yes

§         Teenager:  “Thank you very much.” while bowing


    1. Compare this to a teenager that says, “geme a ride.”


  1. Scene 2:

§         Get two friends to talk to each other.

§         Actor 1 – Talking Student,  Actor 2 – Frustrated Student

§         One friend does all the talking and does not give time for the other to say anything.  Every time one tries to talk, the other interrupts.  The bell rings and the friend who wanted to say something does not have time.


  1. Please read the syllabus so you can under my expectations of you in order to run a professional class.  KIATQ?


  1. Please research how you can be a professional speaker.


  1. While I am doing that please begin to fill out the data sheet.  You may take home and complete as needed.  Please turn into this tray when completed in your color-coded period folder.


  1. On a piece of paper, please write down the keywords you use for your research and submit at the end of the period along with the printout of the sites you looked at.   Look at the history of the previous student to make sure they only went to “G” rated educational sites on the topic of professionalism.


  1. Please turn to your neighbor and ask them if they understood the directions I just gave. 


  1. Ask a student to explain what we will be doing.