PAINT drawing tools for pixel based sketch or PhotoShop Elements for Vector based.

         Please PRACTICE until you become FLUENT in drawing a box!

         Repeat the process below drawing your box in each of the 4 corners

         You are looking at the object from different points of view

         Draw objects with different points of view in a separate canvas

         Use for an animated gif to make it look like it is rotating - VRML

         When taking a photograph, the point where you hold the camera in relation to the object changes the perspective.

         Start a canvas with a ratio of 4 x 3.

         Image / Attributes

         Use a SCALE FACTOR in the range 125 175 to have a large enough drawing space

o       You can change the width and color of your line by selecting those options on the tool bar.


KEY Make sure you have 3 SETS OF PARALLEL LINES in each object.



1.      Draw the FRONT of your box in a corner

a.       Estimate the ratio of the width and height

b.      Use the rectangle tool

2.      Draw the DEPTH lines

a.       Estimate the length of the depth

b.      Select the line tool

c.       Hold down the shift key to make a 45 DEGREE ANGLE

3.      Draw the BACK and SIDE lines

a.       Hold down the shift key to make the horizontal and vertical lines

4.      Erase extra lines

a.       Zoom the object

b.      Use the eraser tool

5.      Add colors to match your web site

a.       If the background gets filled, you have a hole.

b.      Zoom and check to see where it is located and fix

6.      CHECK to see if the object is perfect



1.      Draw a vertical line for the EDGE of the box

2.      Draw 120 angles DEPTH lines to the right and left of the end point of the vertical line

a.       Make a protractor to create a 120 degree angle

3.      Complete the BACK and SIDE lines of the box

a.       Draw 120 angle positive and negative slope lines to the side

b.      Copy and Paste 2 for the sides of the box

c.       Copy and Paste 2 for the backs of the box

Note: You can use flip/rotate vertically or horizontally to reuse one line

d.      Draw the vertical (horizontal) lines last

e.       Use transparency mode

4.      Erase the extra lines

5.      CHECK you have 3 vertical lines, 3 negative slope 120 angle degree lines, 3 positive slope 120 angle lines

6.      Add colors to match your web site