SYLLABUS – English I – Ms. Hall – Spring Semester 2006 – 4th Six Weeks – PreAP


1/3-1/6              Review procedures/format for research papers (HANDOUT)

                        Select research topic/complete Proposal form

                        Work in library to begin research (2 days)


1/9-1/13            Work in computer lab – Room N237 – all week to complete research papers


1/16-1/20          Monday – Holiday

                        Tuesday – FINAL RESEARCH PAPER DUE – Oral Presentations

                        Wed – Read “The Open Window” by Saki (lit. book pp. 816-820) and watch

            film; write a paragraph to compare the omniscience of the “narrator”

                        Thursday – Vocabulary quiz

                        Friday – TAKS practice quiz


1/23-1/27          Monday – Animal Farm EXAM

HOMEWORK: Read excerpts from Sandra CisnerosThe House on Mango Street (lit. book pp. 703-710); Briefly research your surname (last name)

                        Tuesday – Writing exercise in class: vignettes

Wednesday – Read “The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant” by W.D. Wetherell

         (pp. 306-313 in lit. book); Writing assignment: write an anecdote in  

         which you reflect on a humorous personal experience (use

         characterization and dialogue)

                        Thursday – Vocabulary quiz

                        Friday – TAKS practice quiz


1/30-2/3            Monday – Read excerpt from Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt (pp. 243-254

     in lit. book); HOMEWORK: write a brief memoir about a significant  

     experience in your life

                        Tuesday – Turn in homework assignment; read “On Being Seventeen,

     Bright, and Unable to Read”, personal essay by David

     Raymond (pp. 573-575 in lit. book)

                        Wednesday – Writing exercise: personal essay about an “obstacle”

                        Thursday – Vocabulary quiz

                        Friday – TAKS practice quiz


2/6-2/10            Monday – Vocabulary test – cumulative for the six weeks (50 questions)

                        Tuesday – Cultural quilt square project DUE – Oral presentations

                        Wednesday – Read “The Artist” (p. 470 in lit. book); discuss the fable; write an

                       original fable

                        Thursday – 6-week EXAM

                        Friday – TAKS practice



Show pride in your cultural heritage!

Ø      You have briefly researched your surname (last name).

Ø      Using the information you learned, construct a “quilt square” from construction/art paper. There are many examples in the classroom.

Ø      You should use any symbols/language/colors that you think appropriately represent your family and your culture/heritage.

Ø      No larger than 8-1/2” x 11” paper; you may use pictures, photos, flags, language, designs – anything that is representative of your family’s heritage and culture.

Ø      You will make an oral presentation to the class about your family’s heritage.