If your religion does not allow celebrating Halloween,

Please eliminate the word Halloween and be creative in your theme.




 “What HAUNTS You?”


The Floppy Excuse …

The Homework Excuse …

The Book Excuse …

The Home Computer - Internet Excuse …



:    I didn’t know …

:    What Homework? 

:    What Test?

:    I don’t have a book…

:    I left my work at home …

:    My floppy is broke …

:    I don’t understand …

:    …the problem instead of the solution.





A student who does not listen to directions..

A student who does not read directions..

A student who does not follow directions ..




1)     Create a G-rated Halloween Web Page.

2)     Decide on the purpose of your web page.

3)     You may use an idea from the “What Haunts you List” or come up with your own.

4)     You should communicate the purpose of your web page in the body.

5)     Type your content in MS Word first to check grammar.

6)     You may create a graphic in Paint, find one to use, or take your own photos.

7)     Look at the template Web page and use all tags we have learned so far.

8)     TODAY: Show what you completed on 10-31 to Mrs. Daniel to be checked off.

9)     FUTURE: Improve your Haunting Web page for your semester site presentation.



10) Practice HTML code we have learned this semester.

11) Use your brain for unique creative thinking in designing Web page.