What It Is and How to Avoid It

The thing that haunts me the most is the EVIL FLOPPY!!!!! The evil floppy often breaks down on me and erases all my work. Other times the evil floppy will purposely get lost and someone else will find it and erase all my work, then and only then will it reappear, so conveniently ready for me to re-do all of my work. Not all floppy disks are evil, but so far all of my floppy disks are evil. I have come in contact with five evil floppy disks so far, and even though my teacher is very sympathetic towards my dilemma there is nothing anyone can do, this is a battle I must face alone. There is however one thing that you can do to avoid being tormented by this evil square of plastic, back up your work on MANY floppies and keep them in a safe place away from anything evil. Hopefully you will have learned from my own tragic horror story and save yourself and your work from the grasp of the evil floppy.


Web Page created by 3rd Period Multimedia Student Arianne following the October 31st directions for "What Haunts You."
NOTE: Backup can also be done on a removable drive - pen drive - memory stick; or on home computer or emailed.
But on the positive side, the more times a site is reprogrammed, the better you get!