WARMUP 1/3/2007:

  1. Create a folded divider page in your journal as needed.
  2. On the next page blank page draw a 2007 logo.
  3. On the next page write Day 1, January 3 and the objective



Activity 1:

  1. Log on to your school server account.
  2. The only thing showing should be folders. If you have files, put them into the correct folder.
  3. Delete any bitmap files look at the size
  4. Leave open so I can come around a grade.
  5. Make sure any work on the C: drive of a computer is saved onto your USB stick or server everything will be deleted!


Activity 2:

  1. Fold a piece of paper into quarters.
  2. Answer the questions in the blanks on your folded paper.
  3. On the back behind each answer write WHY you choose that detail.
  4. Is your mind blank? - look at the articles
    1. By the yellow card stock on the plastic box
    2. The white board
    3. The Inspiration board.
  5. Share your answers with 2 other students you do NOT know.
  6. Record their feedback and names at the bottom of your paper attach another sheet if needed.
  7. Submit TODAY or I will call your parent. Please make sure your name, period and date are on the top of the paper!


1. What interesting present did you receive OR give that was not asked for (you did not expect)?

2. What is your 2007 New Year's resolution OR What 2006 New Year's resolution did you complete?

3. What present did you ask for that you did not receive OR What hope do you have for the future?

4. What unique thing did you do, see, read and/OR hear over the holidays?


Example of my DRAFT ideas:


Rod iron rusted statues of a dog holding a guitar, a dog with a golf club and a dog with a welcome sign.

Become fluent with PhotoShop Elements and produce a video of my children and grandchildren using Imaginate.

A 2 gig memory card for my digital camera.

Sitting in Norton's drinking a Starbucks while my daughter shopped for her birthday present, I saw a person walk by with a T-Shirt that said, "What inspires you?" On the back I think was the definition.


They were unique and only cost $15. My sons play the guitar and golf, and my daughter moved into a new house in Atlanta so I thought these would be fun.

It has been on my round-to-it list for years. I know how to use PhotoShop Elements but I have not practiced enough to become fluent. I would like to produce a unique present for my children and it would be a fun project to work with my husband on.

I was given a USB stick. I guess I did not communicate the exact technology that I wanted; so I got a memory stick instead of a card for my camera.

When I relax with family and do nothing my mind thinks. That is when I noticed the teen in the T-Shirt. I created an inspiration board for this classroom, but no one has added anything so I thought this might be a fun assignment to begin.