Will your USM graphic go here?

WORK --> Efficiency, Ethics, Excellence

COMMUNICATION --> Digital, Oral, Written

TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS --> Learning to solve problems with limited resources..
Time..Information..Money.. Energy.. Materials..People..Machines..

  1. ENERGY => Motivation, Work Ethics
  2. TIME => A Quiet Classroom that Mrs. North does not have to ask to stop wasting time talking
  3. INFORMATION => Your Grade Data, Knowing what is missing
  4. MACHINES => Computer to research Universal Systems Models (USM)
  5. MATERIALS => Technology Systems Textbook Content, Test Your Knowledge answers and terms
  6. PEOPLE => Students who talk abuse your right to learn, please turn in names of students who talk
  7. MONEY => Your grade - USM Graphic due Friday 9/22, Test Monday 9/25, MB Lesson 1 on graphics