The Magnet for Integrated Technology (M.I.T.) Program at Westside High School is a 4-year course of study that allows students to explore the use of technology in one of four strands: Fine Arts, Business, Science/Math, and Information Technology. The first year all students will take "Multimedia", a modular course that will introduce the students to the four strands of our program.  Students in the Fine Arts Strand must also take Art I as a freshman, if they are interested in Electronic Media. Students choose one of four strands on which to focus their elective courses each year. Below are the currently suggested courses for each strand. 



This strand includes electronic media and theatre arts.

  1. Electronic Media
    1. Sophomore: Electronic Media 2
    2. Junior: Electronic Media 3
    3. Senior: Electronic Media 4
  2. Theatre Arts
    1. Theater Tech 2
    2. Theater Tech 3
    3. Theater Tech 4



  1. Computer Science Programming
    1. Sophomore: Pre-AP Computer Science (Scheme to Java)
    2. Junior: AP Computer Science I  (Java)
    3. Senior: AP Computer Science II (Advanced Java)
  2. Networking and Hardware
    1. Sophomore: Intro. Computer Maintenance (A+ Certification)
    2. Junior: CISCO 1 and 2
    3. Senior: CISCO 3 and 4



  1. Applied Science and Health Professions
    1. Sophomore:  Introduction to Health Science Tech
    2. Junior: Health Science Tech I  (This counts for health credit)
    3. Senior:  Health Science Tech II (III in 1-2 cases)



This magnet will be Business Advertisement including print, video and Web.

  1.  Business Advertisement
    1. Sophomore: Westside Business Ownership or BCIS
    2. Junior: Business Image Management
    3. Senior: Video Technology , Graphic Communication ,Web Mastering or Internship



  1. Communications
    1. Sophomore: BCIS, Journalism, Newspaper or Yearbook
    2. Junior: Web Mastering, Broadcast Journalism , Journalism, Newspaper or Yearbook
    3. Senior: Advanced Journalism (Web Portal Class), Internship, Journalism, Newspaper or Yearbook





Entrepreneurship  is NOT part of the magnet program.

The information is here since students in this program take Multimedia.




The special emphasis will include the entrepreneurship program with the Outback Steakhouse The entrepreneurship program is sponsored by the Outback Steakhouse and the Texas Restaurant Association. It is a 4-year program geared to the student who wants to learn how to open and run a business in Texas. The medium is culinary arts, and the classroom is an on-campus restaurant training facility.

a. Freshman:  Multimedia or Desktop Publishing

b. Sophomore: Intro to Culinary Arts and Entrepreneurship

c. Junior: Culinary Arts 1 or Marketing I (tentative)

d. Senior: Culinary Arts 2 or Marketing II (tentative)