Teaching Nika August 25, 2005

Mr. David Quakenbush Presentation

August 24, 2005

Multimedia Mrs. North



Understand application of multimedia and data analysis in the work world.



Algorithms Birthday example

Which algorithm requires fewer questions? speed for computer applications

         N(N-1) / 2 - formula used for adding numbers from 1 to a Number, N


When is the quadratic formula more efficient?

When is the linear equation more efficient?


Data Base

What does Excel create? Rows and Columns

In a data base table each row must have unique data unique part is called a KEY

         Is a name a good idea for a KEY?

         Is a social security number a good idea for a KEY?

         Is a phone number a good idea for a KEY?

         What can be used instead of taking up space for a city and state?

o       Tables need to be linked a zip code can be a key

Sample Data Base Harris County Appraisal District :

        Check value of your house, neighbors, WHS staff .


Computer Scientist looks for fastest way to solve a problem.

Computer Scientist Careers:

1)      Web Site Designer

         Web pages for Martha Stewart and a Rap Artist

      Know your audience

      What is different for each web page?

         Content Data / Organization / Design

         How get paid when people go to a web site?


      Stock Sales

2)      Modeler Sim City, Mario Brothers, Flight Simulator

3)      Business Application

4)      Computer Engineer

         Robotics combines modeling and engineering.


Languages of computers

=    Lower level languages: - fast and efficient with memory, slow to write

o       Assembly bits, bytes

o       Machine Language 0&1s

=    Higher Level Languages

o       Reuse code, as code is expensive.

=    Applications written in a high level language