WHS Multimedia Week 11 of 3/26    Teacher: Karen North                          Team: N1 – Technology – Multimedia


Monday  3/26


Day 15


Apply PS&D concepts by drawing and oblique sketch.


Objective: Problem Solving and Design

Warmup:  Explain what the PE ratio means in relation to the stock market.  Email to whs_media@yahoo.com with the subject line P_, Last, First, PE



1.         Preview Chapter 10 applying the first 6 steps from last Monday to Read-Write:

a.        Title of Chapter

b.       Objective Keywords

c.        C&C Headlines - Objectives

d.       Graphics and Labels

e.        Summary

f.         Terms

2.        Write the keywords from the objectives in your journal for future reference.

3.        C&C the picture of the cars on page 142 with the Koenigsegg Car from Michael Canuz.

4.        Draw an oblique sketch of a box following steps on p. 148 and interactive lesson that will demonstrate the shortcuts in Paint.

a.        Create a canvas that has a ratio of 4X3 width to length.

b.       Draw a rectangle

c.        Hold down the shift key to get lines that are horizontal, 45 degree angle, or vertical to draw the depth lines.

d.       Erase extra lines

e.        Fill with complementary colors.



1.        Do you have your graded 6w5 spreadsheet from Friday? This needs to be stapled to the correct spreadsheet due today.

2.        Have you added a Work Report field for Week 10?

3.        Have you printed and submitted this with past spreadsheet stapled this?

4.        Have you turned in your Chapter 9 with the 8 steps showing your work is complete from Chapter 9 Concepts?



Follow Up/HW:



Tuesday 3-27


Day  16


Draw Oblique Sketch of box with notches. 


Objective: Problem Solving and Design


1.        Correct 6w5 spreadsheet – keep to submit with week 11 report added.

2.        Practice drawing simple oblique box sketch until FLUENT

3.        Review Technical Reading Skills

4.        Complete steps 5, 6 and 7 adding notches per directions on p. 148 and observation.

5.        Create an Original Box design


DUE – Chapter 9 work


Follow Up/HW:

Finish Chapter 9 objectives & TYK as needed.


Wed/Thurs  3/28 & 3/29


Day 17




Apply design concepts to understanding the design of jewelry and entrepreneurship.

Objective: Problem Solving and Design

Warmup:  Write a Chunk paragraph that explains the Box T-H-S Connections.  Why is a box technology?  Do you ever see a box in nature?  What makes you feel better – a box shape (You are sitting in one in this classroom.) or shapes from nature – look outside.  When teachers take their class outside to learn do you learn better or are you distracted? 

Email to:

 whs_media@yahoo.com with subject line P_,   Last,   First,   THS BOX CONNECTIONS


Thinking – Do you like jewelry that has technological shapes or natural shapes better?  Why?



1.        Speaker on jewelry design – Mr. Davis.

2.        Finish Chapter 9 Objectives and TYK – DUE TODAY

3.        Start a Paint canvas that has a ratio of 4x3 increased by a factor of 100 + your period number.

4.        Finish Oblique sketches:

a)       Simple Oblique Box with colors that coordinate with you Web site

b)       Cavalier Oblique Sketch  or Cabinet Oblique Sketch modeled on p. 148

c)       Extra Credit – do both Oblique Sketches; design your own tool part, or create a modern art sketch using Oblique Shapes.

5.        Save sketches in your images folder inside your HTML folder on the server.  You will be creating a Web page to display these.  See the complete lesson on the TechSys link on the pull-down menu Intro to Graphics Unit.

6.        Work on Problem Solving and Design Poster modeling the application of the steps.

7.        Finish Chapter 9 QuizLab MC and FB quizzes. 


Follow Up/HW:  Finish QuizLab on Chapter 9 as needed.


Friday 3/30 Day 18


(And my Grandson’s 3rd birthday)


Apply design concepts apply TIME.

Objective: Problem Solving and Design


1.        Read Chapter 10 adding notes to your Technical Reading Outline then complete the TYK – DUE Printed Monday

2.        Begin Chapter 10 QuizLab

3.        Practice drawing oblique sketches; read directions and begin isometric sketch.



Follow Up/HW: Finish QuizLab practice over Chapter 9 and 10



100 points:  Chapter 9 Objectives, TYK and QuizLab

100 points:  Chapter 10 Objectives, TYK and QuizLab

100 points:  Oblique Sketches – with display on Web page (next week)