WHS Multimedia Week 12 of 4/2 Teacher: Karen North Team: N1 Technology Multimedia


Monday 4/2


Day 19


Apply PS&D concepts in Web Design.


Objective: Problem Solving and Design


1.       Improve History Web page. Doc Savages students, your clients, will be in on Tuesday to get their Web site graded.

2.       Print and Submit Chapter 10 work.

3.       Continue QuizLab practice for Chapter 9 and 10.

4.       Continue Practicing drawing oblique Sketches


Follow Up/HW:

QuizLab and Chapter 10 as needed.


Tuesday 4/3


Day 20


Present their History Web page to their Client.

Objective: Web site Evaluations


1.       Open History Web page.

2.       Add a link on your humanties.htm Web page to your history Web page

3.       Add a back button on your history Web page to index.htm

4.       Fix links as needed based on server linking

5.       Meeting with your client for final updates.

6.       Add ALT ATTRIBUTES to all graphics that describe the photograph!

7.       Add a WIDTH ATTRIBUTE of 300 pixels to ALL graphics: width=300

8.       PRINT and submit the output of the Web page.

9.       Hand write your name and your clients name on the paper and submit.

NOTE: Your grade will be the same grade as your client receives. Please note on the back any comments Please do not share these orally during class.


Follow Up/HW:

TEST TOMORROW Design a Thank you Note in Power Point


Wed/Thurs 4/4 &4/5


Day 21




Demonstrate expertise in designing a Thank You note card.

Objective: Desktop


1.       TEST Design a Thank You note in PowerPoint.

2.       TEST Link Oblique Sketch to Web Page; add link to technology.htm page.

3.       Correct Design and Print 6w5 spreadsheet with week 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11


Follow Up/HW: QuizLab C9 and C10 as needed.




Apply Problem Solving and & Design skills to the ART of Time and refreshing the BRAIN.

Objective: Apply Independent Brain Skills


Learn something new.

Finish QuizLab C9 and C10 until mastered at 100% by midnight.






100 points: Chapter 10 Objective, TYK and QuizLab (Continued from previous weeks)

50 points: 6w5 Data Analysis Spreadsheet with corrections and weekly work reports 6w5 weeks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (week 7,8,9,10 11) cumulative grade with previous graded papers attached.

50 points: History Web Page printed and submitted includes with Alt and width=300 attributes

100 points: TEST - Oblique Sketch Web Page display (Graphic Oblique Sketches continued from last week)

100 points: TEST Desktop Publishing Thank You Note