WHS Multimedia Week 13 of 4/10 Teacher: Karen North Team: N1 Technology Multimedia


Monday 4/9




Use time effectively



Objective: Problem Solving and Design

Master Chapter 9 and 10 concept on QuizLab


Follow Up/HW: Finish the 3 QuizLab practice quizzes on Chapter 9 and 10


Tuesday 4/10


Day 22


Learn how to use the DrScheme IDE and analyze grades

Objective: Data Analysis and Programming

Warmup: Review Scheme Command Sheet



1.       Analyze missing grade data for 6w5 it is missing if you have not received it back. Computer Lab Wednesday before school/lunch and after school. Legal Deadline for all grades. Many still missing C9 & 10 QuizLab. Friday when I give you your grade will be TOO LATE takes to long to update gradebook with late work. At this point in the year you must be responsible for knowing your grade.

2.       Preview Introduction to Programming Module

3.       Preview DrScheme IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

4.       Discuss computer science as a career part of I.T. and the Computing Sciences

5.       Discuss Programming languages sometimes a computer language is developed in order to have a tool to solve a problem.

6.       Begin typing Scheme Code from the handout save as babyYourFirstName


Follow Up/HW: Download DrScheme at home Click OTHER VERSIONS at bottom go to V103p1








Apply Problem Solving & Design skills.


Objective: Data Analysis, Programming and PhotoShop


1.       Do Activity 1:

       Read Why Program

       TAKE the QuizLab Programming Module Activity 1 Quiz

       Take Programming pre-TEST in QuizLab.

2.       Read Activity 2 and try playing Ping Pong will do the Dance on Friday

       Email to whs_media@yahoo.com if you Downloaded DrScheme at home.

       Subject line: P_, Last, First, YES DOWNLOADED DrSCHEME

3.       Do Activity 3 - Finish typing your Baby Scheme Code

4.       TEAM CAPTAIN Send Stock Market Team Report to whs_media@yahoo.com

       Subject line: P_, Stock Team #__ __ __ (LAST 3 digits of number)

       Body: (1)Team Member Names and Period if mixed and (2) EQUITY TODAY

5.       Choices:

       Go back to the Tour and learn some more if time.

       Work on drawings from Chapter 10 Oblique / Isometric & Perspective

       Work on Problem Solving Steps Poster.


Follow Up/HW: Download DrScheme at home if not already done & Finish typing your Baby Scheme code.




Finish Baby.Scm Graphic

Objective: Programming


1)      Update 6w5 Spreadsheet with GRADES and Week 6 Work Report

2)      Include BOTH OUTPUT and FEEDBACK Please.

3)      Add formulas to calculate total points, 6w5 average

4)      Add Percentage grade for each task.

5)      Correct Border for new fields

6)      Check that you have 3 boxes: Title, Grades, 6 Weekly Work Reports.

7)      Print and Submit DUE MONDAY

NOTE: We will add a chart and 6w5 Summary box on Monday.



1.       Complete Programming Module Activity 2 the Dance and Arithmetic

2.       Document EVERY LINE of Scheme Code to explain what is drawn. Examples:

(draw-circle (make-posn 320 100) 44 'black) ;Head Outline

(draw-circle (make-posn 300 95) 8 'green) ;Left Eye

3.       Add features to personalize your baby You will Show your baby to your peers

4.       Add grades 6-12 to your Excel Spreadsheet for 6w5. Add a Chart and Summary

5.       If there are any errors, you must let me know today.



Follow Up/HW: Enhance your baby.scm based on feedback from your family & friends

Finish Aesthetic design for your 6w5 Spreadsheet



50 points: 6w5 Spreadsheet with 5 boxes: Title, All 6w5 Grades, Work Reports, Chart and Summary (grade continued next week)

100 points: Baby.scm Scheme Program

Programming Module Work 30 points: Download DrScheme Email, QuizLab pretest DrScheme, and Activity 1