WHS Multimedia Week 14 of 4/16 Teacher: Karen North Team: N1 Technology Multimedia


Monday 4/16


Day 3


Understand application of Problem Solving and Design to careers in technology.


Objective: Design and Careers

Activities: Speaker from Art Institute of Houston, Mrs. Jasmine Celeita.


Follow Up/HW:

Design a Thank You Note in PowerPoint including 3 things that you learned.


Tuesday 4/17


Day 4


Plot points (positions) on graph paper for your baby.scm and document each line.


Objective: Programming


1.       Finish Activity 2 Arithmetic Operations

2.       Put your baby.scm file name, your name and period on graph paper

3.       Work on Activity 3 plot your baby on graph paper AND document each line of code. See Activity 3 Lesson for an example.


Follow Up/HW:

Finish coding and plotting your baby due Friday!


Wed/Thurs 4/18 & 4/19






Design Thank You Note for Art Institute and your 6w5 spreadsheet.

Objective: Programming


1.       Add Graph and 6w5 Summary with Feedback to 6w5 spreadsheet

2.       Write Thank You not to Mrs. Celeita from the Art Institute of Houston

3.       Personalize your baby by changing colors, adding hair, clothes, background, props, whatever you would like.

4.       To save time, plot your enhancements on your graph paper first.

5.       Photo Shop Elements Total Training - color


Follow Up/HW:

Work on your baby documentation, plotting on graph paper and enhancements.

Finish missing QuizLab on programming from last week.


Friday 4/20


Day 6


Present your baby to the class and add to a Web page.

Objective: Programming


1.       Present your baby to the class; enhance based on feedback.

2.       Display your baby on a Web page.

3.       Explain the problem solving and design process used to bring your baby to life.

4.       Add why this baby represents who you were.



Follow Up/HW: Enhance your Web site and your baby DUE next week.



20 points: Thank You Note to Ms. Celeita for presentation about Art Institute and 3 things you learned

30 points: Updated 6w5 spreadsheet with Chart, Summary with Feedback, corrected title, grades and 6 work reports

50 points from last week includes the first 3 boxes total points 80 for 6w5 Spreadsheet

100 points: Baby.scm with documentation and graph paper. (Continued from week 13)