WHS Multimedia Week of                       Teacher: Karen North                 Team: N1 – Technology – Multimedia


Monday 4/30


Day 11


Present your baby as the due date is today.


Objective: Programming

Warmup:  Email work ethics report for last week with DAY 10 in the subject line.



1.       Grade Babies

2.       Create a “.gif” file and add to a Web page

3.       Add comments on programming and I.T. as a career

4.       Add Week 15 work report to your 6 week 6 spreadsheet.  For feedback list missing work from last week.


Follow Up/HW: Work on Web page on Programming


Tuesday 5/1


Day 12


Review for TEST on Programming Module


Objective: Programming


1.       Practice QuizLab Pretest on Programming until mastered.

2.       Finish Web Page on Programming

3.       Turn in graph paper and documented source code – print definitions.


Follow Up/HW:

Study for TEST on Programming


Wed/Thurs 5/2 & 5/3


Day 13




Demonstrate mastery on programming.

Objective: Programming


1.       QuizLab Test on programming and if time design something using each shape.

2.       Extra Credit Creative Scheme Design

a.       Draw a circle inscribed inside a square. 

b.       The circle must be touching the edges of the square and centered on the canvas.  I will give you the dimensions of the canvas.

c.       Add lines to enhance the design – this can be a triangle around the square.

d.       Add other shapes to create a geometric object.

3.       Finish the one-chuck paragraph letter to your dean and Mrs. Shaw if in the magnet program.  See Friday 4/27 lesson for details.

4.       Choose next module:

a.       PhotoShop Elements Editing

b.       Isometric and Perspective Sketches in Paint

c.       Advanced Programming – original design in DrScheme

d.       Math – Box project (requires after school work to complete).

e.       Develop own independent project – submit proposal in an email

NOTE:  Any graphic may be turned into a T-Shirt Design and printed for Extra Credit.  Add a quote about Multimedia and / or your future.


Follow Up/HW:


Friday 5/4


Day 14


Finalize Web page on programming and add link to Web site.

Objective: Programming

Warmup:  Email your choice for your final project module.

    Subject line:  P_,    Last,    First,   Your Application CHOICE

    The subject line should include one of these words for your choice:




1.       Finish Web Page on programming that displays your baby.

a.       Add details on what you learned and the connection to a career in the computing sciences.

b.       Add links to other programming languages and I.T. careers.

c.       Add a link to your technology.htm Web page.

2.       Enhance your Web site for your portfolio presentation on all your work. The presentations start Monday May 14th.

3.       Review for Communication Chapters 19, 20, 21 & 22 (posters on wall) by doing the QuizLab on today’s calendar.

4.       Review for final exam by retaking all QuizLab practice tests on Web Design, Chapter 9, 10, 30 and 31.  The average of all 11 Quizlab practice will count as a grade.  I will adjust to take into account low test grades if you go back and do the practice and improve the average on your final exam. 

5.       Add grades tasks to your 6w6 spreadsheet.  I will give you your grades and average on Monday.



Follow Up/HW: Finish any incomplete work.



  1. Daily Work (10 points each): Warm-up 4/30, QuizLab practice Programming Module
  2. 100 points:  (continued from previous weeks) Baby with source code documented and graph paper
  3. 50 points:  TEST Programming – QuizLab
  4. 30 points:  Web Page on Programming (Extra Credit for exemplary work – “Best of Show Quality”)
  5. Daily Work (20 points):  Quizlab Practice Chapter 19, 20, 21 & 22
  6. 100 points:  (to be continued into next week) Average of all 11 QuizLab grades – redo grades as needed!