WHS Multimedia Week of 1/16/2007 Teacher: Karen North Team: N1 Technology Multimedia


Monday 1/15




Research Inspirational people like MLK.




Extra Credit Create a Web Page on how MLK inspires you.


Tuesday 1/16


Day 7


Present Web page from WS Lesson 3 steps.

Objective: Web Programming

Extra Warmup:

Go to www.hamsterdance.com to see example of an entrepreneur who created a Web site from a catchy song and animated gifs.



Email Weekly Work Report to whs_media@yahoo.com :

  1. Using the USM describe what you produced last week
  2. Also give feedback on that learning.

Subject Line: P_, Lastname, First, WS 3._

       In the subject line please list what step you are current working on.



1.       Finish and Present WS Lesson 3 steps all 7 link pages must link!

a.       You should have 8 web pages

b.       format.htm (book index.html) and gif.htm are in WS L3

c.       The other 6 Web pages can be found in WS L1 and L2

2.       Define all vocabulary terms on page WS 84

3.       Take Quiz on concepts week 1


Follow Up/HW:

Finish Vocabulary WS 84 and WS L3 steps as needed.




1-17 / 1-18


Day 8


Complete Photoshop Element Lesson 2 on Organizing Photos.

Objective: Organization


1.       Tag Photographs in PhotoShop Elements

2.       Use the date view calendar in PE to find photographs

3.       Add 5 star tags to the Photograph you find are the best.

4.       Add a Period tag and label Photographs for your period

5.       Begin taking photographs to be used in your self-portrait


Follow Up/HW:

Work on WS L3 as needed.


Friday 1-19


Day 9


Complete WS L3 Review Questions.

Objective: Web Programming


  1. Finish WS L3 Review Questions
  2. Begin QuizLab Practice Test on WS L3
  3. Continue Tagging Photos



Follow Up/HW:

Finish WS L3 as needed TEST next Wednesday/Thursday



100 points WS L3 8 Web pages

20 points Vocabulary

Using Organizer in PE and Tagged Photographs to be graded next week