WHS Multimedia Week 3 of 1/22 Teacher: Karen North Team: N1 Technology Multimedia


Monday 1-22


Day 10


Research connection between the stock market and Technology-Science-Humanities concept.

Objective: Technology Systems


Check QuizLab for your email and parents email



       Positive usage only!

       Positive captions only!

       Empathy for others how would you feel if your photo was edited and used for negative reasons.

       Do NOT take Photos outside this class

       Photos to be used for educational purposes only



  1. Discuss for areas of technology and relationship to stocks:
    1. Manufacturing: M&A, Biosphere Modules
    2. Communication: Graphic Design, Desktop Publishing, Video Production, Multimedia Production Modules
    3. Construction: CAD, Engineering Structures, Electronic & Control Systems modules
    4. Transportation: Power & Energy, Alternate Energy, Lasers & Fiber Optics modules
  2. Sign up for a Houston Chronicle Stock Market team
  3. Look at the game site: http://www.stockmarketgame.org/
  4. Research the company where your parent works.
  5. Who owns the company and do they have common stock?
  6. Get WS L3 Web pages graded.
  7. Turn in Vocabulary/Term definitions WS 84.

Is your food is getting cold?

Do you want gourmet or fast food?

Did you look up definition from the book and Internet?

Did you C&c the two and write a definition from YOUR HEAD?



Follow Up/Hw:

Talk to your parents about their job. Do they offer retirement benefits, profit sharing or stock options?

Get Parent Letter signed and returned tomorrow!


Tuesday 1-23


Day 11


Understand hexadecimal code and ASCII.

Objective: Web Programming and Math Integration


Look up ASCII Code online. Write in your journals what you learned.



1.       Do WS L3 Review Questions

2.       Discuss hexadecimal code and relationship to numbering systems in math.

3.       Review QuizLab questions interactively as class team.


Follow Up/HW: Finish WS L3 Review Questions DUE Tomorrow




1-24/ 1-25


Day 12


Take Photographs for use on humanities Web page.

Objective: Teamwork


1.       Get Stock Market passwords and begin discussing what stocks to buy.

2.       Beginning take portraits watch Total Training lesson on taking photos.


Follow Up/HW:

Finish WS L3 Review Questions as needed DUE TODAY!

Last day for progress report work is Friday!


Friday 1-26


Day 13


Analysis grade data with goal of improving the average.

Objective: Data Analysis and Math integration


1.       Create an Excel Spreadsheet with progress report grades.

2.       Finish anything missing to improve average



Follow Up/HW: Finish missing work!



50 points: ICT Grade Parent Letter returned signed, QuizLab email for self and parent, returned email with subject line:

P_, Lastname, Firstname, ICT

20 points: Quiz Week 1 & 2 concepts

20 points: WS L3 Terms and Review Questions

100 points: Daily Work Average Warmups, sign up for Stock Market Team, class participation